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Mario Condé, Miguel Condé, Eddy Beltran, Vidal Beltran, Roberto Yujra, Juan C. Yujra.

Welcome to these pages of the Bolivian Group Awatiñas, a group who have been known for a long time as one of the best representing groups for Bolivian and Andean folklore music, and to maintain the roots of their past native forefathers. They have as goal to educate young people in conserving their native dignity and culture for the children of the future Bolivia.

The most important thing about this group is that they have always worked to raise founds for education and health in Bolivia, and they have been co operating with the Red Cross of France to build schools and help the children of their native country.

During summer they perform at different arrangements in France, Belgium, Germany and in other countries in Europe. They are living in La Paz, Bolivia where they work with their music. During winter they go home to Bolivia, and they also perform at festivals in Latin America. The group have been performing at the International Folklore Festival of Tournai (Belgium) in 1987, 1988, 1993 and 1996. They have also been to the Norwegian Førde Folklore Festival in 1997, and in various other European countries.

The Group Awatiñas compose authentic sound of the Andean people, the Aymara, a tribe who never let the Incas conquer them at the shores of Lake Titicaca. Up to this day, they have struggled to keep their own inherritage and origin with the next generations in mind.

Trough the sounds of panpipes, the Bolivian group Awatiñas, can bring you an unique experience of feelings and chants from the past and towards the future of ethnic folklore.



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