Denny in the gutter

Come to experience the music and merriment of Ireland's greatest bard. Not since the great rebel Napper Tandy puked in the handbag of the Lord Liuetenant's wife has there been as much laughter amoungst patriots.
Gaze upon the countenance of a dreamer.. whose drink induced comas inspire his holy cause.
After a year and a half prison stretch in the 'Joy for doing a shite in a judges car one night, Ireland's greatest ballad singer, Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly, is back.
The man recently described by Liam Mackey as "More Dub than the Dubliners, more furious than the Fureys and the man who put the lad back into ballad".
He staggers the Earth to extoll those uniquely Irish virtues of drinking, puking, fighting, hatred and incest.
"Me Da would say
'come on son, come on -
have a little drink with yer Da'".
"Belching Blasphemer" - Ding Dong responds to Olaf Tyaransen on being cursed by a bishop

Ding Dong Denny O' Reilly plays Midnight @ The Olympia on Friday 28th April, Friday 16th of June and Friday 28th July.

Ding Dong is managed by LWP