Irish High Crosses



A monastery was founded here by St Dermot, the monastery was plundered on numerous occasions by the Vikings, there are a Round Tower and two of my favorite High Crosses, the North and South Cross, both of which are granite, plus the base of a third Cross.

On the right is The North Cross west face, showing Adam and Eve, Daniel in the Lion's Den, David with a Harp and the Sacrifice of Isaac amongst other scenes. Run the mouse over to see the Crucifixion scene and the twelve apostles on the east face.

Above is a detail of Adam and Eve in the garden left and Daniel in the Lion's Den right.

The South Cross pictured left, has some wonderful geometric decorative panels inscribed on the east face, on the west face are scenes from the bible, including the Crucifixion, the sacrifice of Isaac, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Adam and Eve and the Temptation of St Anthony. To view west side run mouse over image.

Above right is a detail showing the Crucifixtion, west face. On the left is a detail of the base west face showing some animals. The south side base of this cross shows the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Both crosses were erected in the 9th century.

Pics Jim Dempsey.


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