Irish High Crosses



On the shore of Lough Neagh, Co Tyrone, St Colman founded a monastery in the sixth century. At the entrance to the graveyard stands the third highest cross in Ireland and the tallest in Northern Ireland, this 10th century sandstone cross stands to a height of 5.6 metres approx. The west face pictured right bears many biblical scenes.

1. Adoration of Magi.

2. Wedding at Canna.

3. Loaves and Fishes.

4. Christ enters Jerusalem

5. Mocking or Arrest of Christ ?

The West Head bears a crucifixion scene.

Pictured below are a couple of scenes from the East Face, Daniel and Adam and Eve, as you can see the East Face is more weathered than the West Face. There are figure scuptures also featured on both the North and South Sides.

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