Ogham Stone

The Ogham stone at Breastagh stands 3.66 metres high, 0.76 metres wide and 0.6metres thick, believed to be a bronze age standing stone with an ogham inscription added at a later date. The inscription reads


The stone stands in the Barony of Tirawley which gets its name from a fifth century King Amalgaid Or Amlongad, who had a son named Coirpre, the inscription may refer to this family.

Discovery Map 24: G 183 339.

Wedge Tomb

About 200 metres North of the Ogham stone at Breastagh are the remains of quite a large wedge tomb. Although little remains of this tomb to me the boulders used are similar to the nearby wedge tomb at Rathfranpark, although a lot smaller. On a slightly more elevated site than the ogham stone, there are some gorgeous views of the local scenery from this megalithic monument.

Situated: From Ballina go North through Killala, take a right after you cross Palmerstown bridge then drive North along this road passing the Rathfranpark wedge tomb, the Ogham stone can be seen in the field on your left just after the next crossroads.

Discovery Map 24: G 183 337. Last visit April 2004.

Photo: Jim Dempsey.


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