Extract from RTE Guidelines on S.18(1):

          2. Obligations to public
 2.2  It is recognised that the selection of material for broadcasting is inescapably bound up with the standards of the programme-maker.

The process of selection  should be carried out with the intention of fully informing society and not with the intention  of giving expression to the views of the individual programme-maker.


Comment: "Political correctness a sinister cancer"

The sinister aspect of political correctness is that, in the hands of those who deem themselves PC, it has become a lethal weapon against those whom PCers do not deem to be PC.

Political correctness has taken over from morality as the arbiter of right and wrong and many people are reluctant to express validly held views from fear of someone screaming that such views are sexist, ageist, chauvinist, recidivist or some other -ist.

There are many issues that this country needs to debate, fully, openly and maturely but such debate has been stifled because the hysterics of PC arbiters.

Some of these issues include the huge problem which lies ahead for this society because of the growing number of single-parent families; the psychological, emotional and spiritual problems faced by women who have abortions; the new craze for pursuing prosecutions in sex cases on flimsy evidence, viz. the Nora Wall and Paul McCabe case... the list goes on.

The Irish people need to forge in the smithy of their souls a new consciousness for a new millennium. If attempts at this are stifled by the screams of self-appointed politically correct arbiters, then it will be a rundown smithy, a moth-eaten soul and a shabby consciousness.

Editorial, "Ireland on Sunday" 12 January 2000.