Research Services


Deciding on which type of research service to go for depends very much on the circumstances of the specific search. If you expect the researcher to have an overall knowledge of Irish genealogical sources and to evaluate the findings as they come to light (so as to decide on subsequent steps) you should approach a genealogist. If you know a specific county but don't have a precise location it may be advisable to contact the relevant indexing centre. If you have a good knowledge of Irish records (not the sort of knowledge you acquired yesterday from a guidebook) and need information from specific records held in the national repositories you should approach a record agent. But, do remember that genealogists, centres and record agents can engage one another's services on your behalf. You don't necessarily have to choose between them.

The only body within Irish genealogy which demands an entrance evaluation of the work of its prospective members and which maintains a code of practice and a complaints investigation procedure is the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI).

Irish Genealogists
for a full research service in the entire range of Irish genealogical sources

Irish Indexing or "Heritage" Centres
for searches of indexes to church and other general genealogical sources; also for local knowledge of placenames and surname variation

Irish Record Agents
for searches for specific items in records in the national repositories

Irish Probate Researchers
for specialist legal or probate research

Overseas "Linking" Genealogists
for researching families of Irish origin overseas; for identifying the place of origin of an emigrant; for tracing the subsequent history of an emigrant

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