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Family historians periodically come up against problems that are too specific to be covered by a guidebook or an Internet information site. Because every ancestral search has has its own characteristics and quirks, it just isn't possible to allow for all eventualities in a book or a site. Many commercial sites dealing with Irish genealogy demand a level of familiarity with Irish history, geography and customs that most people starting out simply don't have. If you are in this category, the Research Assessment service offered here is probably what you need. It is both expert and personal.

Paul Gorry is one of the most experienced genealogists in Ireland, having worked in the field for twenty years, during which Irish ancestral research developed on many fronts. Visitors to this site may commission him to personally assess their specific family history information and advise on the best course(s) of action in their particular case.


The Research Assessment service is designed for those just starting to research their Irish ancestors. If you have worked back to the emigrant ancestor (or an ancestor who remained in Ireland) and have some basic information on his or her origins, you should benefit from it.


It is not for life-long campaigners who have turned every stone and still think there must be some record they are missing: they need a more detailed evaluation of the information they have accumulated. Neither is it for the beginner who has yet to commence a search in their own country: they should follow the advice on the Where to Start page of this site.


This is not a research service. It is designed to guide you on how best to proceed with your research (whether you wish to do the work yourself or pass it on to a genealogist, indexing centre or record agent). It will not provide you with a detailed, long-term plan of action, as many next steps depend on the results of previous steps. Based on the information you supply, Paul Gorry will determine what point your research has reached and decide on how you should now attempt to advance it. This may involve consulting some of the many reference works at his disposal. If relevant hard facts about your specific family come to light in the course of the assessment he will, of course, supply them to you. But such hard facts would be an added bonus rather than the norm.


The fee for this service is US$35 which is payable by SECURE credit card transaction on-line. Credit card transactions are handled off-site by a professional card processing company - ClickBank


Requesting the assessment service is a two stage process. The first step takes you to the secure server where you will be asked to supply your credit card details. Once the transaction has been completed, you will be returned to this site and asked to fill in an application form . The form is in three sections. It may seem like you are being asked for a lot of information, but it is important that all aspects of your case are understood. It is not necessary to have information in all fields, but you must fill in the basic ones indicated. You may wish to preview the form before commencing the transaction.


If you think this service is for you, then CLICK HERE to order a Research Assessment ($35)


The assessment will be completed and the response e-mailed within a maximum of three weeks of receipt of the application. Where supplementary "hard facts" photocopies or print-outs are to be sent, they will be faxed or (snail) mailed.

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