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Nuclear-free zones


The following nuclear-free zones have been established at national or international level:


Antarctic Treaty, 1959: Antarctic nuclear-free zone.

Treaty of Tlatelolco, 1967: Latin American nuclear-free zone.

Outer Space Treaty, 1967.

Seabed Treaty, 1971.

New Zealand declared itself a nuclear-free zone in the early 1980s.

Treaty of Rarotonga, 1985: Pacific nuclear-free zone.

Treaty of Bangkok, 1995: South-East Asian nuclear-free zone.

Treaty of Pelindaba, 1996: African nuclear-free zone.

Declaration of intention, 1997: Central Asian nuclear-free zone.

Mongolia has declared itself a nuclear-free zone.


The text of these treaties is provided by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

Local nuclear-free zones:

Many local authorities in various countries have declared their areas to be nuclear-free zones. In Ireland, many local authorities declared themselves nuclear-free zones in the 1980s, including the most populous local authority, Dublin Corporation. Dublin Corporation erected nuclear-free zone signs on main roads leading into the city: these were taken down with a promise to replace them with new ones, but they later refused to do so.

This is a (probably incomplete) list of local authorities which declared themselves nuclear-free zones:

Balbriggan: before September 1985.
Belfast: early1982.
Cork City: 1981.
Cork County: before September 1985.
Derry: 1981.
Down: before September 1985.
Dublin City: 5 April 1982.
Dublin County (now divided into Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin Counties): before September 1985.
Dún Laoghaire Borough (now part of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County): before September 1985.
Dundalk: before September 1985.
Galway Borough (now City): 24 May 1982.
Kilkenny Borough: before August 1982.
Killarney: before September 1985.
Leitrim: before August 1982.
Limerick City: mid-1982.
Listowel: before September 1985.
Longford County: before September 1988.
Longford Town: before September 1988.
Louth: before April 1982.
Monaghan Town: before August 1982.
New Ross: before September 1985.
Newry and Mourne: before August 1982.
Omagh: before April 1982.
Roscommon: before August 1982.
Sligo Borough: before August 1982.
South Tipperary: before September 1985.
South-West Region: 1983.
Tullamore: February 1983.
Waterford (City? County?): before September 1985.
Wexford Borough: before September 1985.

There is a co-ordinating body for Nuclear Free Local Authorities, with an office at Manchester City Council. Louth County Council, South Dublin County Council and the Dublin Regional Authority in the Republic are members, with Down District Council and Newry and Mourne District Council in Northern Ireland; other local authorities are considering joining.


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