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Feachtas um Dhí-armáil Eithneach

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Proliferation of nuclear weapons


An update on the Non-Proliferation Treaty is provided by the organisation Reaching Critical Will. The Arms Control Association has a page on the 2005 Campaign to Strengthen the NPT.

The Association also has a page on the state of nuclear proliferation in January 2001.

There is an International Network of Scientists and Engineers against Proliferation.

The Nuclear Control Institute is a "research and advocacy center for preventing nuclear proliferation."

The most recent additions to the list of nuclear-armed states were India and Pakistan. In both countries there has been opposition to their nuclear policies. Two leading activists in India, Praful Bidwai and Achin Vanaik, were awarded the Seån MacBride Peace Prize in 2003 for their opposition. This peace prize is awarded by the International Peace Bureau and sponsored by Irish CND.

Israel is known to have nuclear weapons though it has never formally acknowledged this. Mordechai Vanunu is an Israeli nuclear scientist who was kidnapped and imprisoned for revealing the truth. Mordechai Vanunu was released under restrictions in 2004: this is his own website.



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