Irish CND Deplores Latest Nuclear Tragedy

01 November 1999

"New EU Energy Treaty Must Replace out-of-date 'Euratom'"

Irish CND today extended its sympathies to the people of Tokaimura, the latest victims of so-called "peaceful" nuclear energy. At this point it is not certain what effect the nuclear explosion may have on neighbouring countries or on the planet's environment in general. However, the time is opportune for the Irish Government to put forward amendments to the long out-of-date Euratom treaty, which is up for review in 2001.

The Euratom treaty must be amended to ensure that full responsibility for nuclear pollution will henceforth rest with the state whence the explosion or spillage originated. Irish CND is aware that the Irish Government unsuccessfully attempted to include the problem of radiation from neighbouring countries in a proposed "Energy" chapter for the Amsterdam Treaty. It is significant, however, that no energy chapter appeared in that treaty.

Irish CND rejects suggestions that the British Nuclear Industry that is somehow "safer". The Sellafield plant is continually polluting the Irish Sea, which has recently been described a the "most radioactive sea in the world". Despite all of this, Sellafield goes merrily on. The Irish Government must now call for the speedy closure of Sellafield plant and other UK nuclear stations, particularly along its West Coast.

Billy Fitzpatrick

National Chairperson,

Irish CND


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