Illegality of nuclear weapons


The International Court of Justice has issued an Advisory Opinion on the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons.

For more information, see this web-site , which contains the text of this Opinion, including the Opinions of all the Judges, plus

the Canberra Report (a report by a team of international experts),

the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Text and Protocol,

the Non-Proliferation Treaty text,

the 1925 Gas Protocol,

the Nuremberg Principles (the principles on war crimes drawn up after the Second World War),

the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention (a proposal made by Costa Rica to the United Nations).

The World Court Project played a leading part in the campaign to obtain this judgment.

A recent legal opinion on the illegality of nuclear weapons was obtained by the organisation PeaceRights from Rabinder Singh QC and Prof. Christine Chinkin.


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