The aims of Irish CND are:

(a) ro seek the abolition of nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction;

(b) to condemn the acquisition, possession, stockpiling, use or threatened use of nuclear weapons by any state whatsoever;

(c) to seek all measures of disarmament, including unilateral measures, as steps towards complete abolition of all weapons, leading to nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament;

(d) to seek the abolition of all military alliances, and to seek the establishment of a policy of active Irish neutrality;

(e) to oppose and prevent any Irish involvement in the production of nuclear weapons systems, or the supply of fissile material for use in nuclear weapons;

(f) to oppose any Irish acceptance through Irish action at the UN, the EEC, etc., of other nations' reliance on nuclear weapons;

(g) to seek the transfer of military spending towards ending world poverty.


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