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- Press Statement - Press Statement Press Statement - 18/02/1998

IRISH CND CRITICISES US on the Gulf issue.

CND supports AfRI picket and says US must stop trying to "usurp UN authority".

Irish CND supports the picket on the US embassy in Dublin at 5.30 pm today which is being organised by AfRI (Action from Ireland). This picket hopes to focus public attention on the dangerous and hypocritical behaviour of the US government in the Middle East. CND believes the US is trying to usurped the authority of the United Nations in threatening war in the name of the UN but without a UN mandate. In fact, the US owes the UN over one billion dollars and refuses to pay up.

The US says that whatever the cost, they will support the UN resolutions against Iraq, but Irish CND says put your money where your mouth is - support the UN where it asks - pay the $1.4 billion you owe the UN.

"Ireland should oppose this dangerous and hypocritical usurpation of the UN's authority and should actively assist the United Nations in its efforts towards a peaceful resolution", the Irish CND executive said at a meeting in Dublin today.


Billy Fitzpatrick,

National Chairperson

Irish CND


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