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A different astronomical event is described eack day
The Night Sky in March 2001
Sky & Telescope

A different astronomical event is discussed each day
December Skylights
Monthly highlight from EXN
Earth & Sky
Daily discussion of astronomical events
Night Sky for March
Astronomy Now (site not updated since June 2000)
This Week's "Sky at a Glance"
Sky & Telescope
The Night Sky
Monthly observing notes from Jodrell Bank
AMS Meteor Activity Outlook
A weekly preview of meteor activity
Seeing Stars
Monthly commentary from Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest

Satellite Predictions and Visibility
International Space Station Dublin Cork Limerick Galway Tullamore Belfast Elsewhere
Mir Dublin Cork Limerick Galway Tullamore Belfast Elsewhere
Iridium Flares Dublin Cork Limerick Galway Tullamore Belfast Elsewhere
Daily predictions for brighter satellites Dublin Cork Limerick Galway Tullamore Belfast Elsewhere
NASA Skywatch
NASA SkyWatch is a web-based Java application that provides sky watchers worldwide with a picture of when and where the International Space Station, the space shuttle and other spacecraft can be seen with the unaided eye as they pass overhead.

Online Maps and Sky Charts
The Sky now over: Dublin Cork Limerick Galway Tullamore Belfast Elsewhere
The Sky for: Dublin Cork Limerick Galway Tullamore Belfast Elsewhere
These clickable maps show the sky as it is right now. They provide ephemerides for solar system bodies and allow you to zoom in on various features and customise the map. Horizon maps can also be viewed.

Observing Resources

Recent International Astronomical Union Circulars
This page lists the dates of issue and the titles of the items on the twenty most-recent IAUCs. Individual items can be displayed by selecting the relevant title.
International Astronomical Union: Astronomy Headlines
This page contains brief information on recent astronomical discoveries as reported in the International Astronomical Union Circulars (IAUCs) and the Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs), as well as links to ephemerides and orbital elements for comets and minor planets.
Latest News and Notices from the BAA
observing opportunities / new discoveries from the BAA
Observable Comets
lists links to orbital elements and ephemerides of (potentially) observable comets
Approaching Comets
This website is devoted to monitoring all newly detected unknown objects and identified comets which have the potential for becoming significant events in the near future. It is kept updated very frequently, as new information and/or observations come in.
Minor Planet Mailing List
These pages contain information about the Minor Planet Mailing List as well as a number of interesting and important ideas for the minor planet observer.
American Association of Variable Star Observers
The AAVSO is the largest organization of variable star observers worldwide. You can get daily updates and find out more about them, the projects they sponsor and the data they make available to astronomers around the world.
The Minima of Algol
The star Algol (Beta Persei) was the first eclipsing variable star ever discovered, and it's still the most famous one. You can check on it whenever you step outdoors on nights when Perseus is in view.
International Occultation and Timing Association
This page gives information on the circumstances of lunar and other types of occultation for various locations around the world.
Solar Observing
The Sun is a fascinating astronomical object to observe. Extreme care is required if you wish to observe the Sun safely. Never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye or with any optical instrument. You must be familiar with the safe observing methods before attempting to observe the Sun.

Events for March 2001

March Meteor Showers - a listing of showers which occur this month
Asteroid and Planetary Occultation Predictions - a list of upcoming occultations [from the BAA]
Occultation Alert - occultation alerts [from the BAA]

Daily lunar phases for the month