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OnLine Astronomers' M & C Pressure Group
This page has been set up as a focal point for the enormous dissatisfaction felt within the European amateur astronomy community towards the apparently unfair trading policy of the two main telescope suppliers, Meade and Celestron. If this is cause you feel you might like to support then visit the site.

Meade Telescopes
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site
Created by a dedicated user of the most popular amateur telescope in history, this site has lots of general astronomy resources as well as a wealth of practical info for ETX users and prospective buyers.
Meade Autostar Downloads
Official site which contains the latest Autostar firmware releases and links to sites with orbital elements for use with Autostar.
ETX-90/EC Instruction Manual
Comprehensive online manual, provided by Meade, for the ETX 90/EC telescope.
Autostar Instruction Manual
Comprehensive online manual, provided by Meade, for the Autostar Computer Controller.
Mall Astrophotography
This site presents images taken through an ETX 90/EC with a colour QuickCam CCD camera.
ETX WebRing
Lists all the sites that are currently on the ETX WebRing.
The LX200 Command Set
The LX200 Command Set may be used to write custom software for remote operation of an LX200 telescope with a personal computer.
Celestron NexStar5
NexStar5: The Unofficial Resource Site
A site chock-full of resources and information for Celestron NexStar5 owners.
NexStar Discussion Group
Discussion forum for NexStar5 owners. You have to join the forum before you can read/post messages.
NexStar5 Connection
UK site dedicated to users and potential users of the Nexstar5 telescope.
Other Celestron Telescopes
The Unofficial C5+ Home Page
A psge dedicated to the venerable C5+ 5" SCT.
Vixen Telescope Resources
Vixen VC200L Discussion Forum
Discussion forum for the Vixen VC200L refractor. Non members can read messages but you mest become a member to post.
Sky sensor 2000 User list
Discussion forum for the the Sky Sensor 2000 digital setting circles.
Improving the CG-5 Equatorial Mount
Despite the name, this is in fact a description of how to get the most from a Vixen GP Mount.
LX200 commands supported by the SkySensor 2000PC
A complete list the LX200 commands supported by the various versions of the SkySensor 2000PC (v2.01-v2.04).
The Skysensor 2000-PC
Hints and tips on getting the most out of your SkySensor 2000-PC
Polar Aligning a GP-DX Mount
A relatively simple procedure for getting good polar alignment using this mount.
Adjusting Backlash Compensation on a GP-DX
How ro adjust the Backlash Compensation on a GP-DX mount.2000-PC
Other Equipment Vendors
Losmandy Users Group
With more Losmandy mounts being used and the new GoTo control soon available, this discussion group is intended for owners of Losmandy mounts, or prospective owners, to share views and tips, ask questions and promote solutions to problems encountered.
Amateur Telescope Making Resources
Building a Dobsonian Telescope
It may look like a cannon but this is really a ten-inch Newtonian telescope that almost anybody can build.
Motorize Your Dobsonian Telescope
Motorizing a dobsonian adds automatic tracking and finding capabilities. In addition, you can use higher magnifications to bring out subject detail.
A Quartz Controlled Scotch Mount
How to build a quartz controlled motorised barn door tracker.
13" Travelscope Plans
Plans and Construction Tips for Building a 13" Airline-Transportable 'Travel Scope'
Amateur Astronomical Observatories
A long list of backyard observatories (dome, rolloff and miscellaneous) compiled by Bill Arnett.
Touring the Universe on Crutches
Plans on how to build a flexible-paralleogram binocular mount.
Construction Notes For a German Equatorial Astronomical Telescope Mount
A step-by-step article on the construction of this mount. The design and plans are free for personal use only.
CCD Equipment
Starlight Express CCD Support Group
Unofficial discussion forum for the Starlight Xpress range CCD cameras.
Starlight Xpress Message Board
Official discussion forum for the Starlight Xpress range CCD cameras.
Starlight Xpress STAR 2000 auto guiding interface
Review of the Starlight Xpress STAR 2000 interface. For users of the MX5 series of camera this piece of kit allows simultaneous image taking and guiding with a standard MX5 camera.
SBIG STV Autoguider/Imager
Review of SBIG's all-in-one autoguider and imager package.
Equipment Reviews
Vixen SkySensor 2000 Product Review
Review of the capabilities and ease-of-use of the Vixen SkySensor 2000 digital setting circles.
Test Reports: Telescopes
Sky & Telescope test reports on instruments from variety of maunfacturers.
Equipment Talk
A collection of articles reviewing a range of telescopes and accessories. Some hints and tips on various brands as well.
The Telescope Review Web Site
Reviews of 67 (and counting) telescopes and a range of eyepieces.
LE-Adapter Review
An adaptor that lets you hook up a digital camera to your scope.
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
This page is dedicated to providing reviews of astronomical scopes and equipment as written by experienced observers in the amateur astronomy community.
Product Review: Taurus Tracker III
This "all-in-one" device serves as a "flip mirror" for finding, centering and focussing objects as well as acting as an off-axis guider.
Equipment Books
Star Ware: The Amateur Astronomer's Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Buying, and Using Telescopes and Accessories, 2nd Edition
US$15.98, 1998
The Dobsonian Telescope: A Practical Manual for Building Large Aperture Telescopes
US$29.95, 1997
Build Your Own Telescope
US$24.95, 1993
Amateur Telescope Making (Vol. 1)
US$24.95, 1996
Amateur Telescope Making (Vol. 2)
US$24.95, 1996
Amateur Telescope Making (Vol. 3)
US$24.95, 1996
How to Make a Telescope
US$24.95, 1984
Making & Enjoying Telescopes : 6 Complete Projects & A Stargazer's Guide
US$11.96, 1997
Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs (Practical Astronomy)
US$24.50, 1998
Telescope Optics: Evaluation and Design
US$24.95, 1998
How to Use an Astronomical Telescope
US$12.00, 1988