Lair of the Demon Ape

 Lair of the Demon Ape is a mouse-controlled roguelike game for Windows. It is a work in progress. It is intended ultimately to have isometric graphics, but the current incarnation uses tiles. It may be played windowed or full-screen (1024 x 768).

V0.7 was its first release. Current version is V0.71, with mostly interface improvements. Although it lacks a number of projected features, and is not very large for a roguelike, Lair is a complete game. It is winnable at normal difficulty, and will take about 90 minutes to play. An expert player can expect to win a good fraction of the time, but becoming expert will involve many deaths! Some have found it rather hard, but difficulty levels are included.

To play, download it from (size 578 Kb) and install it with the same directory structure as in the zip file. You can read the documentation in the Docs folder, but the game includes an in-built reader that will be easier to use in context.

In the image, the hero stands near the exit of Level 1, having amassed a useful haul of minor magical devices. He'll need them, as it gets a lot tougher from here on...