Irish Cob

The Irish cob (or Irish Tinker Horse or Gypsy Horse) is Ireland's oldest recognized breed.

For centuries the Irish Cob has been bred for its unique combination of gentleness and itís ability to be a working horse. It is a extremely patient and gentle horse, ideal for children, pony clubs, etc.
It has also proven to be an excellent breed for multiple disciplines, from jumping to hunting and from driving to dressage.


The Irish Cob is compact and powerful, ample both in muscle and bone, yet, with an ability to perform as a good all-purpose animal. Some Irish Cobs tend to be more "stocky" than others. The Irish Cob is well balanced and proportioned, standing straight and square and offering an imposing appearance.
The Irish Cobs with their unique action, luxuriant hair and feathering and the large range of colours available, combine to present a beautiful and varied sight to see when turned out at their best, particularly when in motion.
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