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Fly Fishing in Ireland in County Cork. Kilcoleman is situated on the prolific Bandon River in County Cork. Being a small family run fishery it can offer that extra individual attention to guests that is so important to one’s holiday and indeed success with a fishing rod. Kilcoleman is just one of a few private fisheries in County Cork which only allows fly for both salmon and trout. Whereas the Bandon river is restricted to fly only for trout, all of The Angling Clubs and most private owners permit spinning, shrimp, and worm for salmon. Therefore Kilcoleman is unique in that it only allows fly at all times. The owner combines a life-long enthusiasm for fly fishing having inherited his skills from successive generations of fly angling ancestors dating back to the early seventeen hundreds.

Accommodation is provided for guests in a traditional Irish Cottage on a self catering basis. Alternatively accommodation can be arranged at nearby guest houses and hotels.

We have been featured twice in "Trout & Salmon" magazine as well as "The Atlantic Salmon Magazine".

Jim Repine has written a number of articles in various journals; some of which can be found reproduced on our web site.

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Fishing Holidays Ireland, Salmon Fishing Ireland, Private Fisheries