Deiric is perhaps best known for his writings on professional high-level sales and marketing, which are published regularly in a range of publications. These publications include Cara (Irish Airline In-flight Magazine), Certified Accountant, The Probe, Golden Pages Magazine, Finance Director's Review, ComputerScope, Freelance Informer, Decision and others. You can find some samples of his work by following this links above.

His first book, Winning Business Proposals, the definitive step-by-step guide to producing proposals that employ proven methods to assure a higher win rate, has enjoyed tremendous success and has changed the way business proposals are conceived and produced in many major organisations. Winning Business Proposals is unique in that the proposal building methodology outlined in the book is supported by software, ProfIT Tools, which ships FREE with the book. ProfIT Tools makes producing winning proposals a breeze.

His latest book, The Customer Continuum, deals with development of strategic key accounts, and introduces a brand new approach to qualifying, recruiting, developing and retaining key accounts.

In 1997 Deiric founded Profiles International Ireland, the Irish subsidiary of Profiles International US, the world's most successful personnel assessment company. Profiles provide their clients with the wherewithal to identify, recruit, develop and retain the best possible people for their positions. In Ireland, their clients include Banking 365, LM Ericsson, Oce Ireland, IFS Software, First Call Direct, and many others. You can find how Profiles help their clients to solve "people problems" on www.profiles-ireland.com, or by dropping a line to info@profilesireland.com.

Deiric regularly speaks on general management, human resources, sales/ marketing and technology issues at both public and private meetings and conferences.


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