Vertical Man

Music by SeŠn O'Riada
O Riada, nowadays better known for his traditional music, was an acclaimed composer in the classical genre. On this record, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of Carlo Franci, play his Nomos No. 1 and Bernadette Greevy, contralto, sings 10 poems set to O Riada’s music, accompanied by Veronica MacSwiney on piano.


Side One

1. Hercules Dux Ferrariae Nomos No.1 By SeŠn ” Riada The London Philharmonic Orchestra (Strings) Conducted by Carlo Franci Leader Rodney Friend


Side Two

Poems set to Music by SeŠn ”Riada, Bernadette Greevy; Contralto, Veronica McSwiney; Piano

1. Die Heimath. Holderlin

2. Fragment. Holderlin

3. Halfte des Lebens. Holderlin

4. An Zimmern. Holderlin

5. Classical. Thomas Kinsella

6. Hill Field. John Montague

7. Lovers on Aran. Seamus Heaney

8. Night Songs I. Thomas Kinsella

9. Night Songs II. Thomas Kinsella

10. Sekundenzeiger. Hans Arp

Recorded in London by E.M.I Recording Studios for Claddagh Records.