Songs for Children of all ages

Robin Williamson


Robin Williamson sings an entertaining selection of children’s songs, some of them old and some of his own composition. While children will love them and learn them, adults also will listen and enjoy.


Side One

1. Witch's Hat

2. The Herring Song

3. Three Men Went A Hunting

4. Fool's Song

5. Horses' Dance

6. Brian O'Linn

7. Butter


Side Two

1. The Water Song

2. The Raggle Taggle Gipsies

3. Froggy Would A-Wooing Go

4. Liberty / Old Dan Tucker

5. Ivy, Sing Ivy

6. The Black of Burnie's Hill / Over The Hills And Far Away

7. The Gartan Lullaby


Robin Williamson; Vocals, Harp, Keyboards, Guitar, Cittern, Mandolin, Fiddle, Small-Pipes, Whistle, Jew's Harp, Mouth Organ, Kazoo, Wash-board & Hand Drums

Krysia Krystianne; Vocals

Judy Gameral; Hammer dulcimer

Bryan Tolley; Hurdy-Gurdy

Randy Tobin; Keyboard programming

Recorded and digitally mixed at Theta Sound Studios, Los Angeles, California 1987

Randy Tobin; Engineer