Spoken Word (2)  




The Ecstasy Of Angus

Liam O'Flaherty

Liam O’Flaherty recorded these works while in his eighties. The novelist, soldier and revolutionary was born on the largest of the Irish-speaking Aran islands, and his island experience informs all his literary work. All of the material presented here is filled with a deep poetic feeling.


Ravenswood Poems

Richard Ryan

Richard Ryan, born and educated in Dublin, has travelled widely. His poetry, while remaining Irish, reflects this travel. Similarly, while one senses the presence of Irish history, the work is thoroughly modern.


Alternative Government

Francis Stuart

Francis Stuart, always an outsider, speaks of his life and reads excerpts from his many published works. His autobiographical reminiscences, philosophical remarks and views on Irish literature, politics and religion shed light on a period of turmoil in which he participated fully.


A Drunk Man Looks At The Thistle

Hugh Mac Diarmid

In this long poem MacDiarmid (see also CCT5) explores the fundamental mysteries of love and death and human destiny as these are reflected in a Scottish poet's investigation and exploitation of his own creative powers.


Barran Agus Asbhuain

Somhairle MacGill-Eain Sorley MacLean

Sorley MacLean, born in Raasay in 1911, has led the first renaissance of Scottish Gaelic poetry since the eighteenth century. The thirty-one poems read by him here are accompanied by full printed texts and English translations


The Way I Say It

Norman Mac Caig

Norman Mac Caig was born in Edinburgh in 1910, and while earning his living as a schoolmaster was elected to a Writing Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh. This record contains twenty-eight of his poems read by himself


A Double Scotch

Edwin Morgan and Alexander Scott

Two poets, one from Glasgow, one from Aberdeen, both scholars, present their poetry. While the experience of this scholarship is brought to bear, the poems are totally contemporary. All of Morgan's work is written in English; Scott writes both in English and Scots


The Orcadian Poet

George Mackey Browne

George Mackay Brown reads his poems and a story based on the numerous 17th century witch trails in his native Orkney Islands.


Freedom Come All Ye


This record celebrates the life and work of Hamish Henderson, poet, singer, folklorist, rebel and founder of the School of Scottish Studies. The poet reads his poems and his songs are sung by friends and admirers, all of them well-known performers. All the texts are included, with a critical appraisal by Thomas Crawford


The Devil's Waltz

Sydney Goodsir Smith

Sydney Goodsir Smith writes of love and life and whisky with an equal affection for each. A pure lyric poet, he has written some of the finest verse of the century, and this record is his own interpretation of that verse