The Ring Sessions

James Kelly, Zan McLeod
James Kelly is the son of the great West Clare fiddler and concertina player, John Kelly. James plays fiddle in his father’s tradition and contributes to that tradition by composing his own tunes. On this recording he is accompanied on guitar by Zan McLeod whom he met in the USA, where he now lives.


1. The Lucky Penny - Old Man Dillon - The Knights of St. Patrick

2. Molly's Graduation - Dougie MacDonald's - The Congress

3. Tomgraney Castle - Gan Ainm

4. Julia Delaney - Christmas Eve

5. Planxty Fanny Power

6. The Wise Maid - Ciarán's - Touching Cloth - Sitting on the Throne

7. Sailing into Walpole's Marsh - The Game of Love - The Teetotaller

8. The Ballydesmond - The Knockaboul

9. Mad Jig Set: Dublin Strathspey - Eve's Jig - Lady from Oceanside - The Christchurch

10. Gaffney's Favourite Son - The Humours of Rahey

11. Lament for Terence MacDonough

12. Cranking Out - The Silver Spear


Recorded at Liam Clancy's Studio, Ring Co.Waterford, February 1995.

Produced by James Kelly and Zan McLeod.