Within A Mile Of Dublin

Paul McGrattan, Paul O'Shaughnessy
Paul McGrattan (flute) and Paul O’Shaughnessy (fiddle) are both form Dublin, and are among today’s major contribution to Ireland’s thriving traditional music scene. Their first recording together is a lively, skilful, joyful sampling of the very best of Irish music, showing clearly the strong Donegal influence that underpins their music.


1. The Maid Behind the Barrel - The Broken Pledge - The Wild Irish Man; reels

2. The Walls of Liscarroll - Na Ceannabháin Bhána - The Colliers Jig; jigs

3. The Golden Eagle - Miss Galvin's; hornpipes

4. O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick - Hardiman the Fiddler - Doodely Doodely Dank; slip jigs

5. My Love is in America - Paddy Ryan's Dream - Mother's Delight; reels

6. The Tuesday Barndance - Mick Carr's - Dermot McLaughlin's; barndances

7. President Garfield's - The Rat in the Thatch - The Otter's Holt; reels

8. John Egan's Reels; reels

9. Green Grow the Rushes - Casey's Pig - John Doherty's; highlands

10. Lament for Glencoe; slow air

11. The Bell Harbour Reel - The Wild Irishman - The Pretty Girls of Mayo; reels

12. Na Gamhna Geala - Ed Reavy's Highland - Miss Johnson's Reel; air, reel, highland

13. Jim McBride's - The Pipe on the Hob - The Lilliburlero Jigs; jigs

14. Micho Russel's - The Crosses of Annagh - The Launching of the Boat; reels



Paul McGrattan; flutes

Paul O'Shaughnessy; fiddle

Seánie McPhail; guitar

Noel O'Grady; bouzouki

Colm Murphy; bodhrán

Recorded at Liam Clancy's Studio , Ring, County Waterford, June 1995.

Engineered by Martin Murray.

Produced by Paul McGrattan, Paul O'Shaughnessy and Martin Murray.

Mastered by Mary Kettle at Trend Studios, Dublin.