Bakers Well

Seán Potts, Seán Og Potts, Kevin Glackin, John Kelly jnr, John McEvoy, Mick Hand, Nóirín O' Donoghue


Bakerswell is a group formed by tin whistle player Sean Potts, late of The Chieftains. All its members are steeped in tradition - each of them springs from a sturdy musical background, and each has been playing music for many years. Each is a star soloist and the group sound is at once polished and spontaneous. These rousing tunes will stir your heart.


Side One

1. Cailíní an Fhactory (The Factory Girl) air

2. Delia Keane's, Frehan's & The Mouse in the Cupboard; jigs

3. Paddy's Trip to Scotland & The Wild Irishman; reels

4. Sarah Hobbs's & Farewell to Éireann; reels

5. Hunt the Squirrel & The Drocketty March; marches

6. On Western Shores; air, reels


Side Two

1. Two Kerry Polkas; polkas

2. Madam Maxwell; carolan piece

3. East Clare, The Pullet & The Union Reel; reels

4. John Egan's & George Rowley's Blackbird; hornpipes

5. Molly Bán & Quinn's; reels

6. Two Kerry Slides; slides


Seán Potts; Tin Whistle

Seán Óg Potts; Uilleann Pipes

Kevin Glackin; Fiddle

John Kelly Jnr; Fiddle

John McEvoy; Fiddle

Mick Hand; Flute

Nóirín O'Donoghue; Harp 

Produced by Seán Potts.

Engineered by Bill Somerville-Large.

Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin.