Almost Everything

Patrick Kavanagh


Patrick Kavanagh, the great rural poet, was born in County Monaghan in 1905 and died in Dublin in 1967. His life was spent almost equally between the two places. On this record he speaks of his life in Dublin and reads selections from his poetry.


Side One

Autobiographical Prose, Introduced by a song 'If you ever go to Dublin Town'

Side Two


1. The Same Again

2. Jungle

3. Narcissus and the Woman

4. Epic

5. God in Woman

6. Kerr's Ass

7. Peace

8. The Hospital

9. On The Death of Jim Larkin

10. Extract From 'The Great Hunger'

11. Living in the Country; Part One

12. Dear Folks

13. I Learned, I Learned

14. About Reason, Maybe

15. To Hell With Commonsense

16. October

17. Come Dance With Kitty Stobling

18. Prelude

19. Having Confessed

Recorded in Ireland by an Comhlacht Taifeadadh Tta, for Claddagh Records.

Produced and edited by Proinsias Mac Aonghusa.