The Fire Aflame

Matt Molloy, Seán Keane and Liam O'Flynn
A great album by three of the greatest living traditional musicians in solos, duets and trios; accompanied by Arty McGlynn and Neil Martin on guitar and cello.


1. The Wheels of the World, The Pinch of Snuff & Micho Russell's Reel

2. The Belharbour Hornpipe & The Old Ruined Cottage in the Glen

3. The Geese in the Bog, The Little Fair Cannavans & Whelan's Old Sow

4. The Maid of Ballingarry & The Stack of Barley

5. The J.B. Reel, The Lads of Laois & The Rambling Tatcher

6. The Drunken Sailor

7. Night Fishing 30th January 1972 & The Rights of Man

8. Johnny 'Watt' Henry's Reel & Jerry McMahon's Reel

9. Pat Ward's Jig, The Dusty Miller, Ask my Father & The Connaught Heifer

10. Casadh na nGéanna (The Turning of the Geese)

11. The Ace and Deuce of Piping

12. Éire

13. Seán Ryan's Reel & The Grand Spey



Seán Keane; Fiddle

Matt Molloy; Flute

Liam O'Flynn; Uilleann Pipes

Arty McGlynn; Guitar

Neil Martin; Cello, Keyboard

Noreen O'Donoghue; Harp, Keyboard