The Top Of Coom

Conal O Gráda
Conal O Gráda from Cork city is one of Ireland’s most exciting flute players and this record is full of driving, dynamic, even raucous music. It will open new vistas to lovers and exponents of flute playing.


1. Colonel Frazer

2. The Peacock's Feather

3. Anderson's & The Green Gates

4. The Castlebar Races, The North Clare & The Butcher's March

5. The Duke of Leinster & The Woman of the House

6. The Carnival of Venice

7. The Gold Ring

8. Richard Dwyer's & Cathal McConnell's

9. O'Connell's Trip to Parliment & Gregg's Pipes

10. The Sweet Flowers of Milltown

11. Lucky in Love & Spindle Shanks

12. The Cuckoo's Nest & The Fairy Queen

13. The Tinker's Daughter & Miss McGuinness

14. Ride a Mile & Haste to the Wedding

15. The Blackberry Blossom & The Coalminer's

16. Captain Kelly, The Galway Rambler & The London Lasses