The Irish Concertina

Noel Hill


Clare is the home of the concertina in Ireland, and there is nobody who plays it better them Noel Hill, form west Clare. This is his only solo album, and on it he plays his instrument as it never has been played. There is fire and exuberance in his music, colour, exultation and total adherence to the tradition. Every lover of the concertina must own it.


1. Last Night's Fun, The Trip to Durrow; reels

2. The Boy in the Bush; slip jig

3. Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel, The Dublin Reel; reels

4. Laird of Drumblair; strathspey

5. The Pigeon on the Gate, Seán sa Chéo/Sean in the fog; reels

6. Farewell to Ireland, Old Gorman's Reel, The Wind that Shakes the Barley; reels

7. Táimse im' Choladh/I am asleep; slow air

8. The Wise Maid, The Bells of Tipperary; reels

9. The Gold Ring, The Lark in the Morning; double jigs

10. The Salamanca Reel, Over the Moor to Maggie, The Chicago Reel; reels

11. An Draigheann/ Un Dree-un; slow air

12. The Thrush in the Morning; reel

13. The Drunken Sailor; hornpipe

14. The Moving Clouds, Devanny's Goat, McDermott's Reel; reels