Music From 'The Ballad Of The Irish Horse'

The Chieftains


When National Geographic made a television special on the Irish horse, The Chieftains were asked to provide the music. The score, reproduced on this record, was composed and arranged by Paddy Moloney, and captures among other things, the excitement of the hunt, the chaos of the fair, and the boisterous atmosphere of the race course.

  1. Ballad of the Irish Horse Main Theme

2. The Green Pastures; Jig

3. The Birth of the Foals

4. Lady Hamphill

5. Horses of Ireland - Part 1

6. Chasing the Fox

7. Going to the Fair

8. Galway Races

9. Sceal an Chapaill - The Story of the Horse

10. The Boyne Hunt/Mullingar Races/ The Five Mile Chase; reels

11. Horses of Ireland - Part 2


Produced by Paddy Moloney.

Orchestra conducted by Gearóid Grant.

Recorded and mixed at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin by Bill Somerville-Large.

Executive Producers Dennis B. Kane and Thomas Skinner.

Producer/Writer Miriam Birch.