Legacy Of The Scottish Harpers
The King of Irish Piping

Robin Williamson
Robin Williamson surveys the earliest printed sources for Scottish music; most of these pieces can be traced to at least the 17th century. The music emanates from both Highlands and Lowlands, from Gaelic and English-speaking traditions, and is annotated in a sleeve insert.

  1. (a) The Scotch Cap (b) Scotland

2. (a) Flowres of the Forrest (b) Cromlet’s Lilt (c) Chevy Chase

3. (a) Weel Hoddled, Lucky (b) The Lochmaben Harper

4. (a) Gilderoy (b) Cow the Gowans

5. (a) MacGregor’s Lamentation (b) MacGregor’s Search

6. (a) Kilt Thy Coat, Maggie (b) Three Sheepskins

7. (a) Lord Dundee’s Lamentation (b) The Braes O’ Killiekrankie

8. (a) I’ll mak ye fain to follow me (b) Shame fa the gear and the blathrie o’t (c) Donald Couper

9. (a) Lady Cassilis Lilt (b) The Auld Jew (c) Broom o’ Cowdenknowes

10. Mac Donald of the Isles' Salutation

11. (a) The Rushes (b) Birk and Green Hollin

12. Soor Plooms

13. (a) Jockey Drucken Babble (b) Sae Mirrie as We Hae Been (c) Jockey Went to the Wood

14. (a) Omnia Vincit Amor (b) The Banks of Helicon (c) Deil Tak the Wars