The Boy In The Gap

Paddy Taylor with Peadar Mercier
Paddy Taylor from County Limerick spent his adult life as a technician in the British film industry. Music remained his dominant passion, however, and his flute- playing was an important part of several legendary London céilí bands. Here he plays solo, with a constant reference to the previous generation of west Limerick players. Dance tunes are interspersed with song airs, some in most unusual forms.

  Side One

1. Jigs; Paddy Taylor's Jigs

2. Air; An Páistín Fionn

3. Reels; The Banks of the Illen

4. Hornpipes; The Tailor's Twist; The Loughill Hornpipes

5. Polkas; Morrison's Polka: The West Limerick Polka: Hanley's Delight

6. Air; Raghadsa is mo Cheataí

7. Jigs; The Hag with the Money; Fasten the Leg on Her


Side Two

1. Air and Jig; Rocking the Cradle; The Priest in his Boots

2. Reels; The Bunch of Keys; The Sandmount

3. Jig; Hinchy's Delight

4. Reel; The Boy in the Gap

5. Single Jigs; Taylor's Fancy, The Limerick Jig

6. Air; Tiarna Mhuigheo

7. Hornpipe; The Fairy Queen

8. Reels; The Fermoy Lasses; The Five Mile Chase


Paddy Taylor; Flute

Peadar Mercier; Bodhrán

Recorded in Dublin by Peter Hunt Studios for Claddagh Records.