The Chieftains

The Chieftains
The Chieftains' second record was hailed as a worthy successor to their first. Drawing on traditions from all parts of Ireland, they play a selection of dance music with some song airs

  1. Banish Misfortune; Gillian's Apples; double jigs

2. Planxty George Brabazon

3. Bean an Fhir Rua; slow air

4. Pis Fhiluch (O'Farrells Welcome to Limerick) slip jig

5. An Paistín Fionn; air, Mrs Crotty's; The Mountain Top; reels

6. The Foxhunt

7. An Mhaighdean Mhara; slow air, Tie the Bonnet; O'Rouke's; reel

8. Callaghan's; Byrne's; hornpipes

9. Pigtown, Tie the Ribbons, The Bag of Potatoes; reels (Michael Tubridy and Peadar Mercier)

10. The Humours of Whiskey; Hardiman the Fiddler; slip jigs

11. Dónall Óg; slow air

12.Brian Ború's March

13.Sweeney's, Denis Murphy's, The Scartaglen Polka; polkas



Michael Tubridy; flute, concertina, tin whistle

Sean Potts; tin whistle

Paddy Moloney; uilleann pipes and tin whistle

Martin Fay; fiddle

Sean Keane; fiddle

Peadar Mercier; bodhrán and bones

Music arranged and directed by Paddy Moloney.

Recorded in Edinburgh by Craighall Studios April 1969 for Claddagh Records.