Ancient Music for the Irish Harp

Derek Bell
Derek Bell, premier exponent of the Irish Harp, celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Belfast Harpers’ Festival with a selection of music played at the festival. For good measure he adds a couple of South American tunes.


1. Lonesome & An Páistín (The Fair-haired Child)

2. Untitled Air & Thomas a Búrca

3. Reminiscences of Seán Ó Riada

4. Untitled Air & Colonel O'Hara

5. Little Molly O & Love in Secret

6. A Soft Mild Morning

7. Wexford Bells

8. Lady Blaney

9. Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town

10. An Buachaill Caol Dubh (The Dark SlenderBoy)

11. Lady Iveagh & The Black Rose Bud

12. The Dawning of the Day, The Green Woods of Truagh & The Captivating Youth

13. Carolan's Devotion (Miss Fetherston) & Mrs.Crofton

14. Úr Chill a' Chreagain (The Churchyard of Creagán), An Droighneán Donn (The Brown Sloe Bush) & An Fial Athair Dónal (The Benevolent Father Dónal)

15. Lullaby & The Bardic Hornpipe

16. Harp Serenade & Paraguayan Dance in G

17. Dances from the Quechua Indians


Produced by Brian Masterson.

Engineered by Brian Masterson.

Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios.