Traditional Irish Music Played On The Uilleann Pipes

Robbie Hannan


Robbie Hannan, one of Ireland’s leading uilleann pipers, plays a set of tunes that is dazzling its virtuosity. This record will set the standard for pipers for many years to come.


1. The Flood on the Holm & Miss Monahan

2. Amhrán an Tae (The Song of the Tea) & Liz King's Jig

3. Stay Another While & The College Groves

4. The Derry Hornpipe

5. Do You Want Any More? & The Gallowglass

6.The Rainy Day & The Shaskeen

7. Bean Dubh an Ghleanna (The Dark Woman of the Glen)

8. The Boys of Tanderagee & Jackson's Morning Brush

9. Jenny Picking Cockles & My Love is in America

10. Darby Gallagher's & An Buachaillín Buí (The Little Fair-haired Boy)

11. The Salamanca & Jenny's Welcome to Charlie

12. Dark Lochnagar

13. The Rambles of Kitty & When Sick is it Tea You Want?

14. The Curragh Races & Trim the Velvet

!5. Chief O'Neill's & The Plains of Boyle

16. The Pipe on the Hob & An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas (The South-west Wind)

17. Gorman's, Bonnie Kate & The Merry Blacksmith