The Road To Glenlough

James Byrne with Dermot McLaughlin, Dermot Byrne, Peter Carr and Seán Byrne
James Byrne is one of the greatest fiddlers living in Ireland today. He learned his music form his father and his neighbours in Glencolmcille, southwest Donegal. His record includes much rare music from a tradition little known outside his home county. Highlands and barndances, now common only in Donegal, take their place beside the more popular jigs and reels. A legendary figure in fiddle circles, his only other appearance on record is on The Brass Fiddle (CC44).


1. Con McGinley's; reel

2. Paddy Hiúdaí's Jigs; slip jig & double jigs

3. An Londubh (The Blackbird); air

4. The Fickle Lad; jig

5. The Wild Irishman; reel

6. Muineál a' Bhardail (The Drake's Nest); reel

7. The Road to Glenlough; waltz

8. The Devil's Dream; reel

9. McConnell's; barndance

10. John Byrne's; jig

11. The Glory Reel; reel

12. Jig na Mire (The Mad Jig); jig

13. Jimmy Lyons's; highlands

14. Johnny Boyle's; jig

15. Mick Carr's; barndances

16. Tripping Upstairs; reel

17. Seán Parnell's; reel

18. Maidin Fhómhair (One Harvest Morning); air

19. Mick Carr's Highlands; highlands

20. The Heather Breeze; reel

21. The Sportin' Belles; reel

22. Dúlamán na Binne Buidhe (The Seaweed at the Yellow Cliff); highland

23. Ríl na Drithleog (The Reel of Sparks); reel


Produced by Dermot McLaughlin.

Co-Ordinated by Rab Cherry.

Recorded by Seán Devitt.