Dog Big And Dog Little

Ben Lennon, Gabriel McArdle, Séamus Quinn & Ciarán Curran
Four musicians form the Fermanagh/Leitrim area perform the songs and dance music of their native region. All of the musicians have spent their lives playing this music for their own amusement and for the pleasure of their neighbours.


Side One

1. Jimmy Duffy's Barndances; barndance

2. Lady Mary Montague & The Humours of Westport; reels

3. Willie Rambler; song

4. The Leitrim Slashers & Sally Lennon's Jig; jigs

5. The Mayday Hornpipes; hornpipes

6. Now Westlin Winds; song

7. The Wild Irishman & The First Month of Summer; reels


Side Two

1. The Pretty Brown-haired Girl & Tay in the Bog; jigs

2. Colonel Frazer & The Sailor's Bonnet; reels

3. Edward of Lough Erne Shore; song

4. The Flowers of Spring and Spillane's Fiddle; hornpipe

5. Pat Reilly; song

6. John Quinn's Favourite & The Steeplechase; reels

7. Mrs Devlin's Polkas; polka


Ben Lennon; Fiddle

Séamus Quinn; Fiddle, Accordian & Piano

Gabriel McArdle; Concertina, Song

Ciarán Curran; Cittern

Produced by Dermot McLaughlin.

Sound Engineer; Seán Devitt.

Recorded by STS Dublin.