The Whistlebinkies 5

The Whistlebinkies
Scotland’s premier traditional band play a great selection of dance tunes, songs, marches and airs. While concentrating naturally on Scots music, there are some fine Irish tunes, a New Zealand hornpipe and some modern compositions.

  Side One

1. The Stool of Repentance

2. Dominic McGowan

3. Barlinnie Highlander

4. Jock o' Hazeldean

5. Rattlin', Roarin', Willie

Side Two

1. John Roy Stuart

2. The Fiddlers' Farewell

3. The Winter it is Past

4. On Sunday Morning

5. Rolling Home to Caledonia

6. The Dogs among the Bushes


Peter Anderson; Scottish Side Drum, Sticks, Vocals

Mick Broderick; Bodhran, Vocals

Stuart Bydmann; Fiddle, Concertina

Mark Hayward; Fiddle

Eddie McGuire; Flute, ALto Piccolo

Rab Wallace; Lowland Pipes, Scottish Smallpipes

Mary Ann Kennedy; Clarach, Vocals

Jo Miller; Fiddle, Vocals

Produced by the Whistlebinkies and Cy Jack for Claddagh Records.

Recorded November 1988 at Ca Va Sound Workshop, Glasgow.