The Chieftains in China

The Chieftains
In 1984 The Chieftains toured China. Chinese audiences reacted to their first encounter with Irish music immediatly and spontaneously. They loved it. The Chieftains were feted everywhere they went and had many sessions with local musicians. Obvious disparities between Irish and Chinese music did not prevent a search for common ground, and The Chieftains themselves play several Chinese pieces, while a Chinese ensemble joins in on some of the Irish tunes.


Paddy Moloney; Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle

Seán Keane; Fiddle

Martin Fay; Fiddle, Bones

Derek Bell; Neo Irish Harp, Tiompán

Kevin Conneff; Bodhrán, Chinese Gong and Vocals

Matt Molloy; Flute

Produced by Paddy Moloney.

Recorded in China and Hong Kong for The Chieftains by Brian Masterson of Windmill Lane Studios.