Once I Loved

Sarah and Rita Keane


A magnificent collection of songs in Irish and English from two east Galway sisters. Their plaintive singing is performed in unison duets, a practice unusual, though not unique, in Irish tradition. What is unique is the uncanny closeness and mutual sympathy of the singers.

  Side One

1. Once I Loved

2. Lord Donegal

3. Moll Dubh na Ghleanna

4. A Stór mo Chroí

5. When Two Lovers Meet

Side Two

1. Túirne Mháire

2. The Banks of the Moorlough Shore

3. Sail Óg Rua

4. I'm Thinking, ever Thinking

5. Tá mo Chleamhnas Déanta

6. An Droighneán Donn


Sarah Keane; Vocals

Rita Keane; Vocals

Recorded by Gene Martin and Morgan O'Sullivan of Peter Hunt Studios in Dublin and in the Convent of Mercy, Tuam for Claddagh Records.