Do Me Justice

Len Graham
Len Graham is one of Ireland’s best and most popular traditional singers. On his first Claddagh record he sings fourteen songs from the northern tradition of which he is a part. Len learned his songs from the older singers who had them unassisted by records or radio. Each of Len’s records is an essential part of any collection of songs and singing.

  1. Tumbling through the Hay

2. Young Willie O'Reilly

3. Adam in Paradise

4. The Spanish Volunteer

5. Green Grows the Laurel

6. Ar Bhruach na Carraige Báine, By the Bank of the White Rock

7. The Jolly Roving Tar

8. The Wheels of the World

9. The Banks of the Bann (The Brown Girl)

10. Tha M'Intinn Raoir/Siúdaibh Bhalachaibh (My Mind Tonight/Go to it Lads)

11. The Bonny Brown Hen

12. Come o'er The Mountain

13. Flora MacDonald's Lament

14. Do Me Justice