The Whistlebinkies 3

The Whistlebinkies
Scottish music and song played by its best exponents, with an occasional foray into Ireland. While most of the music is traditional, there’s an interesting piece of experimentation in the background for the BBC radio production of Macbeth.

  Side One

1. The Island Jigs

2. The Twa Corbies

3. The Ladies' Hornpipe

4. Stuart's Fancy

5. Ane Ground

6. The Sheepwife

Side Two

1. The Whistlebinkies' Reel

2. Jamie

3. Music of Ireland (Ceól na h-Éireann)

4. Macbeth


Peter Anderson; Scottish side drums

Mick Broderick; Bodhrán, Vocals

Stuart Eydmann; Fiddle, Concertinas

Mark Hayward; Fiddle

Eddie McGuire; Flute, Clarsach, Piccolo

Rhona MacKay; Clarsach

Rab Wallace; Lowland pipes

Produced by the Whistlebinkies for Claddagh Records.

All Tracks arranged by the Whistlebinkies.