The Whistlebinkies 2

The Whistlebinkies
The Whistlebinkies delve again into Scotland’s great repertory of music and song. They draw on both English language and Gaelic traditions for the songs. They play martial music, strathspeys, reels and the melodious laments of the Highlands.

  Side One

1. Waukin 'o' the Fauld

2. The Bonnie Moorhen

3. The Pipe Strathspey and Reel

4. The Fiddle Strathspey and Reel

5. Phiúthrag'sa Phuithar (Sister O Sister)

6. Broderick's Bodhran

Side Two

1. Great is the Cause of My Sorrow

2. The Pipe March

3. Gealach nan Eilean (Island Moon)

4. The Fossil Grove

5. Freedom Come All Ye


Eddie McGuire; Flute

Rab Wallace; Lowland Pipes

Rhona Mac Kay; Clarsach &Vocal

Mick Broderick; Drums & Vocal

Bob Nelson; Fiddle

Peter Anderson; Scottish Side Drum

All Tracks arranged by the Whistlebinkies and published by Woodtown Music Publications Ltd.

Produced by The Whistlebinkies for Claddagh Records.