Dolly MacMahon with Denis Murphy, Paddy Moloney and Michael Tubridy


Dolly MacMahon, a south Galway singer, sings a selection of songs from the Irish tradition as it continues today. They range from the classic balladry of Lord Gregory, an important element in James Joyce’s The Dead, to a song for ‘dandling’ a child. Some are tastefully accompanied by traditional musicians.

  Side One

1. When Two Lovers Meet

2. Eighteen Years Old

3. Blackwater Side

4. Brídín Vesey

5. Love is Teasing

Side Two

1. Dan O'Hara

2. The Green Linnet

3. The Skillet Pot

4. An Draighneán Donn

5. A Dandling Song

6. Lord Gregory


Dolly Mac Mahon; Vocals

Denis Murphy; Fiddle

Paddy Moloney; Pipes & Tin Whistle

Michael Tubridy; Flute & Concertina

Music arranged by Paddy Moloney.

Recorded by Gene Martin of Peter Hunt Studios, Dublin, for Claddagh Records.