The Eagle's Whistle

Michael Tubridy
Michael Tubridy is steeped in the music of west Clare. An expert dancer of sets as well as a musician with The Chieftains, Michael draws on the traditions in which he was immersed as a youth. On flutes, concertina, bombarde and bodhrán he plays what can truly be called his native music, as learned from his elders at the house dances around Kilrush.

  Side One

1. For the Sake of Old Decency, Peata Beag mo Mhathar, Gone for his Tea, It goes as Follies; reels

2. The Humours of Tullycrine, Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy; hornpipes

3. Paddy Breen’s Jig, My Love in the Morning; Jig, A Kerry Slide

4. An Droighneán Donn; slow air

5. Gavottes; Breton dance music

6. Ríoghan i nUaigneas (The Forlorn Queen)

7. Three Polkas (anon The Lass of Gowrie, anon)

Side Two

1. Sarsfield’s Jig, The Killaloe Boat, The Kesh Mountain; double jigs

2. Brian the Brave, RoscCatha na Mumhan (The Battle Cry of Munster) The Eagle’s Whistle; marches

3. Céad Moladh le Muire Beannaithe (All Praise to Blessed Mary)

4. The Humours of Derrykissane, The Campbells are Coming, The Hawthorn; Slip jigs

5.An Gabhairín Buí, I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue; set dances

6. The Ashplant, Gorman’s Reel, In and Out the Harbour, The Old Torn Petticoat; reels


Michael Tubridy; Flutes, Concertinas, Tin Whistles, Fife, Bombarde and Bodhrán

Recorded in Dublin Sound Studios, April 1977.

Engineer; Pat Morley.

Artistic Director; Garech' a Brún.

Produced by Paddy Moloney and Michael Tubridy.