Avenging and Bright

Charles Guard


Charles Guard, form the Isle of Man, is an expert on early harp music and has drawn on many sources for the music presented here. He plays a wire-strung instrument modelled on the Sirr harp in the National Museum of Ireland and a modern gutstrung harp, and the music is a modern representation of the sound heard in the Celtic countries throughout the centuries.

  Side One.

1. Muiris Ó Conchubhair (Maurice O’Connor)

2. Scottish Selection

3. Tra Va Ruggit Creest (When Christ was born)

4. Burn’s March

5. Craobh nan Teud (Lament for the lost harp-key)

6. Two Manx Dances

7. Yn Eeanleyder as Y Lhondoo (The fowler and the blackbird)

8. Tabhair Dom Do Lámh (Give me your hand)

Side Two

1. Mrs Poer or Carolan’s 'Concerto'

2. Two of Moore's Irish Melodies

3. Ny Kiree fo Niaghtey (The sheep under the snow)

4. Brian Boru’s March

5. Cumha an Chláirseora (The harper’s lament)

6. Arrane Ghelbee (The song of the waterkilpie)

7. The Haughs o’ Cromdale


Charles Guard; Harps

Michael Kneale; Fiddle

Bob Carswell; Tin Whistle

Recorded in Dublin Sound Studios in October 1977 for Claddagh Records.