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Atte are a group of African expatriates living in London. This record, made in 1977, is a precursor of the great modern wave of World Music. The songs are a mixture of old and new, and the music, played on keyboards, percussion and saxophone, is the sound of modern Africa.

  Side One

1. Suganga (Don’t play around)

2. Malaika (A Swahili love song)

3. Suliram (An Indonesian lullaby)

4. Nomeva (The adventures of a young girl)

Side Two

1. Sithi Gwaza (A Wedding song)

2. Sondela (Come closer, let us be one)

3. Ngomso (Tomorrow)

4. Soon One Morning (An Old South African Spiritual)

5. Siphamandla (Give us strength)

6. Saduva (A girl who never paid her parents No mind)


Sonia Bonolo Lekhela, Lindiwe Thonko Conco,

Tiny Neliswa Conco, Mphiwa Yengwa with Dudu Pukwana; Keyboards. alto saxophone

Churchill Jolobe; drums, percussion

Ernest Mothle; bass

Sello Josh Makhene; congas

Frank Roberts; keyboards

Produced by John Wood.

Recorded in Sound Techniques Studios, London, March, 1977 for Claddagh Records.