The Whistlebinkies

The Whistlebinkies
The Whistlebinkies are the first modern Scottish group to eschew the strict tempo of the danceband. While partly influenced by O’Riada in their instrumentation and arrangements, their sound is uniquely Scottish, underpinned by Rab Wallace’s piping.

  Side One

1. Jig of Slurs

2. Haughs O’Cromdale

3. Farewell to Nigg (Johnstone)

4. Mrs. MacLeod and Friends

5. The Battle of Sheriffmuir

Side Two

1. Ireland

2. Brittany

3. Donald MacGillivray

4. Sword Dance

5. The Piper, the Harper, the Fiddler

*Trad arr. Whistlebinkies and Guard


Rab Wallace; Pipes

Eddie McGuire; Flute and Alto Flute

Rae Siddall; Fiddle

Mick Broderick; Drums and Vocal

Charles Guard; Clarsach

Peter Anderson; Drums

Recorded at Craighall Studios, Edinburgh April 1977.

Produced by John Wood for Claddagh Records.