Féidhlim Tonn Rí's Castle

Séamus Ennis
Seamus Ennis tells Feighlim Tonn Ri’s Castle, an international folktale which made its way to Ireland. As it is told here, with 12 musical interludes on pipes and whistle, it remains totally gripping.

  1. Cold Potatoes

2. The Rocky Road to Dublin

3. Cold Potatoes

4. The Eagle's Whistle

5. The Rambling Pitchfork

6. The Stone in the Field

7. The Fisherman's Hornpipe

8. The Walls of Liscarroll

9. The Boys of the Lough

10. Banish Misfortune

11. Easter Snow

12. The Dublin Reel


Edited by Garech a Brún

Produced by Paddy Moloney

Recorded by Dublin Sound Limited for Claddagh Records.